Health Risks of Loneliness

Although it’s hard to measure social isolation and loneliness precisely, there is strong evidence that many adults aged 50 and older are socially isolated or lonely in ways that put their health at risk. Recent studies found that:

  • Social isolation significantly increased a person’s risk of premature death from all causes, a risk that may rival those of smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.
  • Social isolation was associated with about a 50% increased risk of dementia.
  • Poor social relationships (characterised by social isolation or loneliness) was associated with a 29% increased risk of heart disease and a 32% increased risk of stroke.
  • Loneliness was associated with higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide.
  • Loneliness among heart failure patients was associated with a nearly 4 times increased risk of death, 68% increased risk of hospitalization, and 57% increased risk of emergency department visits.
  • study by the AARP Foundation found that socially isolated older adults have a 30% higher risk of dying prematurely. 

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The Power of Social Connections

Social connections are essential for maintaining good health, particularly as we age. Research has found that older adults who are socially isolated are at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases, cognitive decline, and premature death. Social isolation can also increase healthcare costs, with socially isolated older adults requiring more care services and hospitalizations. According to a study by the University of California, San Francisco, older adults who reported feeling lonely had a 59% higher risk of functional decline and a 45% higher risk of death compared to those who did not feel lonely. 

In addition, social isolation can have a negative impact on the mental health of older adults, with those who reported feeling lonely being more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Fortunately, technology can play a critical role in combatting social isolation among older adults. The PCL Connect tablet is designed to help older adults stay connected with their loved ones, manage their health and wellness, and receive support from family members and caregivers. 


Tech enabled care


Addressing Social Isolation with Technology

The PCL Connect tablet is an innovative solution to address social isolation among older adults. It is designed to provide older adults with a way to stay connected with their loved ones, regardless of their location. By providing older adults with the ability to make voice calls, and view and share photos, set reminders which helps in reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.


Supporting Family Members and Caregivers

The PCL Connect tablet is also designed to support family members and caregivers. The PCL Caregiver app allows caregivers to manage the health and wellness of their loved ones and stay connected with them remotely. The app comes with features such as health vitals tracking, health deterioration notifications, and setting reminders for tasks for their loved ones and share photos which can help caregivers stay informed about the health and well-being of their loved ones.


Medication Management Made Easy

Managing medication can be challenging, especially for older adults. The PCL Connect tablet helps to support older adults with their medication management. With the PCL Caregiver app for family and caregivers, medication reminders can be set that pop up on the PCL Connect tablet, helping older adults to manage their medication regimen. It can be set to remind users when it is time to take their medication. This can help to ensure that older adults are taking their medication as prescribed, which can help to improve their health outcomes.


User-Friendly and Secure

The PCL Connect tablet is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It features a simple interface and intuitive navigation, making it easy for older adults to access the features they need. Additionally, the tablet is secure and includes a range of security features to protect user data and ensure privacy. All user data is encrypted, and it includes a range of user authentication measures to prevent unauthorised access.


Improved Physical and Mental Health Outcomes

The PCL Connect tablet can have a significant impact on the physical and mental health outcomes of older adults. By addressing social isolation through technology, the PCL Connect tablet can help to improve the physical and mental health outcomes of older adults.

If you're interested in discovering how PCL Connect solution can assist you in delivering better care for your patients or loved ones, please reach out to us today.

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