PCL Connect for Care Homes

Revolutionary ageing in place technology that helps seniors stay connected with their loved ones and manage their wellness with ease.

What we do

PCL Connect enables quality remote health monitoring, improves care coordination among formal and informal caregivers and helps those living alone or away from families deal with loneliness and social isolation.

PCL Connect's digital platform allows managing health and care data in a secure and convenient way. This information can be share shared with CQC, Local Authorities and other relevant organisations, automating compliance for greater efficiency in care management.

Equipped with PCL Connect platform, Care Homes can ensure their clients receive consistent, timely, coordinated and person-centred care and support.

The challenge

  • Increase in demand and pressure to cater to rising older adult population
  • Increase in complexity of care to be delivered due to rise older adults with long term conditions and comorbidity.
  • Lack of funds and human resource to deliver the required quality of care despite increase demand
  • Challenging to maintain high quality of care as per CQC standards.
  • There are more than 3.2 million people aged 80 or over, out of which over 600,000 are aged 90 or over in the UK.
  • 58% of people over 60 years of age live with one or more long-term conditions (King's fund)
  • Care home residents accounted for almost a third of all coronavirus deaths in England and Wales (PA news agency)
  • Rise in non-acute care that is required as people grow older with increasingly complex care needs (CQC)

How can we help.

We provide technology to enhance the delivery of effective care and support, and optimise the workload of care staff in a cost effective way. PCL Connect makes evidencing care digital, manageable and less time consuming.

  • Help address people’s day-to-day health and wellbeing needs
  • Improving care coordination by sharing relevant information with the families and other caregivers.
  • Help access care timely by intervening early on health concerns
  • Help elderly adults stay connected and deal with loneliness and social isolation
  • Monitor health and raise concerns for care receivers with long term conditions such as COPD, asthma and heart health, as well as people with short term needs (post-hospital discharge).
  • Provide a sense of control and peace of mind for family members through our Family app.
for care staff

PCL Connect web portal for Care Homes

  • Log, track and monitor health vitals captured during the care visits or by the PCL Wellness Watch and other integrated health devices.
  • Monitor patient reported symptoms, softsigns and other standardised health scores.
  • Set reminders to ensure tasks of daily living are never missed with care visit reminders, medication reminders, and much more.
  • Create a care circle to bring all care providers and family closer to the one in need of care and keep them informed for better care coordination.
  • Collect feedback on the services provided to the residents to improve quality of care and for better insights.

PCL Connect Tab for Elderly

  • Specially designed for the elderly, with increased accessibility, large text and easy-to-navigate layouts. 
  • Bring families closer, helps stay connected with loves ones and share key information in a secure and protected manner.
  • Reminders to help manage medications and other tasks of their daily living.
  • Share photos with loved ones to communicate your thoughts better, share life updates or relive old memories.
  • When kept idle, PCL Connect turns into a digital photo album cycling through the photos exchanged
  • 10.1 inch bright display with increased accessibility and easy-to-navigate layouts.
  • In-built web browser to browse your favourite websites, read articles and stay in touch with outside world.
  • Wellness questionnaires to monitor wellness through simple questions to track soft signs, symptoms and health changes.

Integrated with Medical & Wellness devices

The PCL Connect tab can connect with a range of medical devices and the PCL Wellness watch to capture health and wellness vitals such as

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen level (SPO2)
  • Body temperature
  • Body Weight
  • Sleep
  • Steps and activity
  • Stress level

It takes just a couple of minutes everyday to capture health vitals and respond to health questionnaires, either on their own or with the help of the carer during the care visit.

This helps keep the family members and caregivers updated with a 360-degree view of their health condition and provides their clinicians with necessary data to make better decisions.

for family

PCL Caregiver app

  • Monitor and track key health vitalss in real time.
  • Set reminders to ensure tasks of daily living are never missed (Appointments, Medication, etc).
  • Create a care circle to bring all care providers closer to the one in need of care.
  • Share photographs within the care circle to share life updates, old memories and stay connected.
  • Improve care coordination by staying in touch with other care providers within their care circle.

Benefits of using PCL Connect for your Care Home

How it works

Setting up easy and we support you at every step of the journey

  • Initial consultation and onboarding
  • Set up on PCL Connect platform and training for care staff
  • Onboard care receivers & family, ship devices and receive other technical support
  • Use PCL Connect to enhance your care quality in a cost effective manner
  • Get 24X7 help and support

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