PCL Connect Tab with PCL Wellness Watch

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PCL Connect is a health and care monitoring Tablet, for families to take care of their seniors when they are living apart. It is a safe and preferred choice for seniors who prefer to age in place. Use the PCL Connect tab with the PCL watch to support a healthy and active lifestyle, giving you the ultimate peace of mind and satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

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John Gibbs
Very good product for old people

I am using the product for my grandfather, easy to use tablet and app.

Ankit Saintwal
Nice Product

Product is especially designed for the seniors

PCL Connect - Elderly Friendly Tablet

Record health parameters from PCL Watch, share health parameters with carergivers, answer reminders and do much more in an interactive and intuitive manner all in one tablet.

Perfected for the Elderly

Specially designed for the elderly, with increased accessibility, large text and easy-to-navigate layouts. 

Free PCL Caregiver app

Family & caregivers can easily share photos, make voice calls, set up reminders and stay connected with their loved ones.

Stay Connected

Elderly adults can connect to all their care providers within their care circle with a tap on the screen.

Virtual care circle

Bring families closer, helps stay connected with loves ones and share key information in a secure and protected manner.


Caregivers can set up reminders for their loved ones so that medications and other tasks of their daily living are never missed

Health vitals tracking

Seamlessly capture and share health data captured from the PCL Wellness Watch with caregivers.

Share photos

Caregivers can share photos with their loved ones to communicate your thoughts better, share life updates or relive old memories.

Digital photo album

When kept idle, PCL Connect turns into a digital photo album cycling through the photos exchanged

Health vitals logs

Health vitals can be logged manually creating a trace of health data over time.

Large, bright display

10.1 inch bright display with increased accessibility and easy-to-navigate layouts.

Web browser

In-built web browser lets you browse your favourite websites, read articles and stay in touch with outside world.

Wellness questionnaires

Monitor wellness through simple questions used to assess soft signs, developing symptoms and track health changes.

PCL Watch for ultimate wellness

PCL Watch is a Bluetooth enabled wellness watch that captures key health data and shares it with all the loved ones who form a Care Circle.

Sleep tracking

Track sleep hours and quality for a comprehensive wellness monitoring

Water resistant

Use PCL Watch while taking a shower, washing hands, watering plants, etc with confidence.

Sleek and comfortable

design for all day, everywhere use. It comes with a silicone strap that is soft on skin.


Track steps activity, to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Long battery life

PCL Watch lasts up to 10 days on single charge. It comes with a USB magnetic charger for easy charging.

Large 30 Days memory

PCL Watch comes with enough storage to store health data for 30 days

Built-in monitors and sensors that allows you to check, monitor and track key health vitals anytime.

Heart Rate

Blood Pressure

Oxygen level (SPO2)



⚪ Bluetooth 4.0

⚪ Screen: 1.3 TFT  240 X 240 Pixel

⚪ Standby Time: 7-10 days

⚪ Battery: 230mAh Rechargeable battery

⚪ Charging Time: About 1.5 hours

⚪ Waterproof IP67

⚪ Working Environment: -10°C to 45°C

⚪ Package Contents: 1 Smart Watch, 1 Magnetic USB Charger

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PCL Connect - The Virtual Companion for Elderly

PCL Connect is the ultimate solution for elderly adults and their families. Designed specifically to meet the unique needs of seniors and their caregivers, our Connected Care, Elderly-friendly tablet offers a range of features to keep you connected and in control.
Benefits of tech enabled support with PCL Connect -

  • Stay Connected with loved ones
  • Deal with Loneliness and social isolation
  • Better Care Coordination
  • Reassurance and Peace of Mind

Overall, the PCL Connected Care tablet is an essential device for seniors who want to stay connected with their loved ones and manage their daily health needs. Whether you're an older adult looking to stay in touch with your family, or a family member looking to keep an eye on your loved ones, the PCL Connected Care tablet is the perfect solution.