As the population continues to age, the challenge of social isolation in older adults has become a pressing concern. Social isolation, which can result from a lack of social connections, can have detrimental effects on the physical and mental health of older adults. Research has shown that socially isolated older adults have a higher risk of depression, anxiety, functional decline, and even premature death.


The Impact of Social Isolation on Social Care Outcomes

Social isolation also has a significant impact on social care outcomes for older adults. According to the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework,

  • Elderly individuals without social connections are more likely to be readmitted to hospitals, have a greater number of nursing home stays over their lifetime, and require more care services.
  • In the UK, socially isolated individuals are 3.5 times more likely to enter local authority-funded residential care.


The Role of Technology in Combating Social Isolation

Technology has emerged as a promising solution to combat social isolation in older adults. The PCL Connect tablet offers an innovative solution for older adults who may have limited mobility, find it difficult to navigate complex features on smartphones and computers, or have little experience with technology. This tablet is designed to help older adults stay connected with their loved ones and manage their health and wellness.


How PCL Connect can empower you

The tablet features a digital photo album, medication reminders, alerts, and the PCL Caregiver app, as well as connected health care for family members. The tablet's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to seniors who may not have much experience with technology. Older adults can use the tablet to stay in touch with their family and friends, even if they are not in the same location. With its simple and clearly laid-out interface, staying connected with loved ones is easier than ever.



Studies have shown that technology can play a crucial role in helping seniors stay connected with their loved ones and combat social isolation. One study found that seniors who regularly use technology for social engagement have better cognitive function and report lower levels of depression. Another study found that technology use among seniors can increase feelings of connectedness and reduce feelings of loneliness.


From social isolation to social wellbeing

Social isolation is a pressing concern for the elderly population, and technology has emerged as a promising solution. The PCL Connect tablet offers an innovative way to combat social isolation by allowing older adults to stay connected with their loved ones and manage their health and wellness. Research has shown that regular technology use among seniors can have significant benefits for cognitive function, emotional well-being, and feelings of connectedness. By leveraging technology, we can help older adults maintain social connections and improve their overall quality of life.










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