Measure your health vitals using PCL Wellness watch

To measure your health vitals using PCL Best Smartwatch for Seniors;

  • Make sure your PCL Watch is connected to the PCL Connect tab
  • On your PCL wellness watch, swipe left on the home screen.

  • Tap on the “Heart Rate” button to measure your heart beats (per minute).

  • Tap on the “SPO2” button to measure your blood oxygen saturation (as a percentage).

  • Tap on the “Temp” button to measure your body temperature (in degree celsius).

  • Tap on the “Vitals” button to measure Blood Pressure (in mmHg), Heart Rate Variability (in ms) and Stress level all at once.

  • PCL wellness watch automatically tracks the number of steps walked and number of hours slept in a day as long as you are wearing the watch.

  • Go to the dashboard of your PCL Connect and tap on the “Send Vitals” button once you are done measuring your vitals.

  • You will get a confirmation message.

Measure your health vitals everyday using the PCL wellness watch by following the steps above, to help your family and care providers monitor your health easily. This will help them look for signs of health degradation quicker and provide better care for you.

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