Perfected to the needs of the elderly

Specially designed apps (for mobile and tab) customised for the elderly, with increased accessibility and easy-to-navigate layouts. 

A virtual companion

Record health parameters from PCL Watch, share health parameters with carers, answer reminders and do much more in an interactive and intuitive manner all in one app.

Technology that is simple to use

Engage with the technology in a seamless manner with none of the typical barriers. 

Quick and easy interactions with  family and carers

Elderly adults can connect to all their care providers within their care circle with a tap on the screen.

Virtual Care circle

Bring care providers closer to those in need of care in your family in the Care Circle. Monitor and track key health parameters, set health reminders, share photos and much more all at one place.


Make sure important health tasks are never missed with interactive reminders to log health vitals, take medicines and much more.

Share key health parameters

Seamlessly capture and share health data captured from the PCL Wellness Watch or from the Apple Watch with care providers.

Capture data from medical devices

Connect (via bluetooth) and capture health data from an ever expanding range of medical devices. Currently, we support devices from iHealth, A&D and Celsium.

Share photos

Share photographs within the care circle to communicate your thoughts better.  

Health parameters Logs

Own and access your health data anytime. Health parameters can also be logged manually in the app creating a trace of health data over time.