How does the PCL Connect tablet support family members and caregivers?

Supporting Family as Caregiver

The PCL Connect tablet comes with a companion app for family members and caregivers that allows them to remotely manage the health and wellness of their loved ones, stay informed about their loved ones' health and well-being, set reminders and coordinate care. The app allows caregivers to track vital signs and get notifications in case of deterioration, which can help them to take timely action to support their loved ones. Additionally, the app includes the feature to set reminders for tasks of daily living, such as taking medication, which can help caregivers to ensure that their loved ones are staying on top of their health. The app informs caregivers if a reminder is missed so that they can intervene appropriately.

The device also allows for voice calling which allows caregivers to stay in touch with their loved ones and check on them regularly. This can also allow caregivers to provide assistance and support remotely, which can be especially useful for older adults who may be living independently or in assisted living facilities.

Another important aspect of the PCL Connect's support for family members and caregivers is the ability to share information and coordinate care with other members of the care team. All this can help to ensure that all members of the care team are working together to provide the best possible care and support for the older adult.

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