Using the PCL wellness watch

Health Monitor Watch for Seniors

PCL wellness Watch is a wearable device to track your health and wellness in a seamless manner. It monitors key health vitals, tracks activity and is comfortable and lightweight on the wrist. 

Connecting the PCL wellness watch to PCL Connect.

  • Before starting, make sure
    • Bluetooth on your PCL Connect is turned on.
    • PCL wellness Watch to be paired is turned on.
    • Both your PCL Connect and the PCL wellness Watch are close by (within 5 metres).
  • Tap on the “device management” button at the top-left corner on the dashboard.

  • On the next screen, tap on “Pair” next to the PCL wellness watch in order to connect.

  • If the colour of the button changes to red, your device is successfully connected.
  • You will also see a Bluetooth icon on the PCL wellness watch next to the battery icon as long as the PCL wellness watch is connected.
  • The list displays all the devices either connected or ready to be connected.
  • If you wish to disconnect your PCL wellness watch, tap on “Unpair” next to the PCL watch to do so.

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