What is the PCL Connect tablet?

Tablet for Elderly Person

The PCL Connect tablet is a technology-enabled care system that is specifically designed for older adults to help them stay connected with their loved ones, manage their health, and access information and entertainment. This innovative tab for older adults is equipped with a range of features that are tailored to meet the unique needs of older adults and their families.

Some of the key features of the PCL Connect tablet include a digital photo album, medication reminders, alerts and a caregiver app for the family and other care providers.

  • Reminders - Make sure medications and other tasks of daily living are never missed with interactive reminders that can be set up by caregivers.
  • Digital photo album - Share photographs to share life updates, socialise or relive old memories. When kept idle, PCL Connect turns into a digital photo frame cycling through the photos exchanged.
  • Vitals tracking - Track health vitals from the PCL Wellness Watch with caregivers and easily share with caregivers in real time. This can help caregivers to monitor the well-being of their loved ones, and identify any concerning changes.
  • Free Caregiver app - Family & caregivers can easily share photos, make voice calls, set up reminders, monitor health and easily stay connected with their loved ones even from a distance.
  • Simple to use - It is specifically designed with accessibility features like large text, simple navigation and large 10.1 inch clear display that caters to the specific needs of older adults.

Combined with other features such as voice calling, web browser and a large clock view, PCL Connect provides a comprehensive solution for the elderly care. It can empower you to deal with isolation, loneliness, provide a greater sense of independence and improve the overall health and wellness for seniors, without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

PCL Connect app is also available separately which can be installed on any supported Android tablet. Users can install the app on their own device and benefit from all the features mentioned above.

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