What is a Care Circle and how does it enable connected care?

Patient Management with Multiple User App

PCL Connect allows users to create a Care Circle to connect and provide care virtually using the Free Caregiver app. Family members and other care providers can join a Care Circle by sharing a secret code (generated from the Family app) to their loved ones. Once a part of the Care Circle, they can share photos, make voice calls, set up reminders and monitor health vitals of their loved ones.

This means that the person in need of care will receive round-the-clock care and support, even if one family member or Caregiver is unavailable. The Care Circle enable connected care by providing the ability for multiple people to keep track of the person's health vitals and communicate with each other about the person's care. Additionally, the platform sends notifications to the multiple family members and Caregivers in the Care Circle, ensuring that everyone is kept up to date with the person's health status. This collaborative approach to care is essential for those who need extra support and it provides peace of mind for both the person in need and their loved ones.

It helps family members and care providers to work together to provide the best care possible. For example, if a family member notices that the person's health vitals have changed, they can quickly communicate this to the care provider who can then take the appropriate action. Similarly, the care provider can update the family members on the person's progress, ensuring that everyone is kept informed.

PCL Connect provides an innovative connected care solution for those in need of care. Its ability to allow multiple family members and care providers to care for one person means that the person will always receive the support and care they need, even when family members and care providers are unavailable.

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