How does it work?

PCL Connect gets delivered, ready to use out of the box and can be set up in less than 5 minutes. It comes with a charging dock that should be placed somewhere easily accessible at the senior’s house, where it only needs access to the internet and power to work.

PCL Connect allows users to create a Care circle to connect and provide care virtually. Family members and other care providers can join a Care circle by sharing a secret code (generated from the Family app) to their loved ones. Once a part of the care circle, they can share photos, make voice calls, set up reminders and monitor health vitals of their loved ones.

Simple Android Tablet functionality

Endless functionality and endless choices makes maneuvering traditional products hard and confusing for people who have little experience using technology. With PCL Connect (Simple Android Tablet), all new additions are user tested with seniors, and only implemented if it increases opportunity without decreasing the feeling of independence.

Complicated functionality and features can be overwhelming and confusing for people who have little experience using technology. That’s why PCL Connect is all about providing a simple way to connect and care for elderly family members with the help of technology that is easy to use.

Your data stays safe and secure

As consumers we are becoming increasingly aware of how our data is handled. All user data is securely stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud and encrypted. We only track metadata (e.g. number of photos/messages sent by total users), but never private messages or photos, and we never share personal data with third parties, such as other apps.

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